Are you a Volunteer?

Did you know that the Seniors’ Centre Board is hosting a “Volunteer Coffee Break” for you on this Saturday, at 2 pm at the Seniors’ Centre?   We will have coffee and goodies to thank you for your dedication.   If you have not picked up your ticket at the desk, call the centre to let them know that you are coming.  


As a reminder, Elections Canada is using the big room formerly being used by the line dancers and yoga class for September and October. We will be doing the yoga classes in the new Multipurpose room. This room is smaller than our previous room so we can only accommodate about 24 people maximum. It’s a very nice and quiet room but tight, so I advise any new people to hold off joining until November when hopefully we can move back into the big room.

Don’t forget the General Meeting Wednesday, September 25th.




As we move into spring there are changes at the Seniors Centre.  Alan Edie the owner of the mall has generously remoded a space where the Ardeens’ store was into a large movement area.  There is lots of room for yoga, line dancing and the City’s “Fit for Health” seated exercise program.  Check out our calendar to see if there are any changes to the schedule.  We also now have a second meeting room which will make some programs quieter. 

Facility Rentals

Is your group looking for a new place to meet that is level entry and safe?  Our seniors centre rents space when we are not using it.  Check out the “”RENTAL” link on our website for more information.  Contact Bev Birce at the centre.