History of the CRSCS

A Brief History of the Campbell River Seniors’ Centre Society

In January of 2009, a few forward-thinking seniors met at a local coffee shop and recognized the need for a seniors’ centre. They shared the vision of a gathering place in Campbell River that was specifically for seniors. A loosely organized group of seniors who wanted to “get the idea up and running” continued to meet at a private home and to formulate some plans. The group was unanimous about what was wanted but not about how to achieve it.

By April of 2009 there was a petition in circulation to determine public perception of the need of a senors’ centre. One member created a blog on the internet. Two committee members were accepted to the Seniors’ Advisory Committee. Through negotiations with VIHA, a room was made available to the committee at Ironwood Place for the weekly meetings. Next, was the formal approval for the chosen name of the society and the adoption of the constitution and a set of bylaws. This was done after a review of the constitutions and bylaws of other seniors’ centres in nearby towns and cities.

In May of 2009, we became a registered society with the provincial government. We had a fledgling social structure, plans for weekly lunch and began to formulate plans for achieving the stated goal…a place to call our own.

By June there was a weekly Friendly Friday luncheon with a membership of about 90 seniors. Other seniors’ groups were approached to join the cause and to volunteer on the Board of Directors. A lengthy detailed application to the federal government to acquire charitable status as an organization was being prepared. A bank account was opened and we obtained charitable status. We adopted the following Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Campbell River Seniors’ Centre Society is to make a positive difference in the lives of the senior citizens of Campbell River and District, by providing a facility in which they can socialize daily on a self-governing basis.

Aging is a life stage that is maximized and enhanced by the support of peers and by the sharing of mutual interests and activities.
Our Values:
Mutual support
Shared Activities

In February of 2010, the first elected Board of Directors took office.
2010 Board of Directors
President, Jacquie Allen
Vice President, Bruno Fornika
Treasurer, Ron Pollock
Secretary, Joyce Pelletier
Directors: Bob Milligan, Tom Waring, Lois Dalflynen, Meena Weber, Jessie Belcher, Beba Adams, Shurlee Sabo, Dee Soderholm, Joan Carpenter.

In that first year of formal governance, the CRSCS resulted in major positive changes…and many of them. Thanks to the suggestion of Mayor Charlie Cornfield and the benevolence of Allan Edie, owner of The Campbell River Common (former Ironwood Mall), we acquired the use of a 6000-square-foot store front at the only price we could afford. We were open to the members three days a week and membership rose dramatically to over 700 persons. Our bank balance increased. Furniture, appliances, and game tables were acquired giving us an attractive place to eat, visit, play games. Activities were offered and participation rose.

Our public profile was raised in the media. Volunteer lunch teams provided tasty meals. Special holidays such as the July 1st parade and Christmas dinner at the Centre were celebrated. Archival records were kept. A circulating library was established.

We are deeply indebted to the Board of 2010 for giving, as a group and as individuals, their time and energy and expertise to establish the Campbell River Seniors’ Centre. As we elect new boards, we must consider what skills and personalities will help us determine and achieve the next steps towards our goals. What, in fact, are the ultimate and annual goals before us and who is best able to lead and help us to achieve these goals?

2011 Board of Directors
President, Les Lengyel
Vice President, Andy Owens
Treasurer, Jessie Belcher
Secretary, Genie Hambalek
Directors: Jan Askew, Karen Driscoll, Bev Birce, Beba Adams, Joyce Pelletier, Mike Rollo, Ken Scott, Simone Griecken
Past President, Jacquie Allen

2012 Board of Directors
President: Jim Best
Vice President:
Secretary: Bev Birce
Treasurer: Jessie Belcher
Directors: Simone Griechen, Jan Askew, Joyce Pelztier, Mike Rollo, Bev Birce, Maureen Afonso, Sterling Campbell, Cathy Wilkes, Jean Thompson, Karen Driscoll, Past President: Les Lengyel

2013 Board of Directors
President: Brian Temple
Vice President: Mike Rollo
Secretary: Bev Birce
Treasurer: Doug Vater
Directors: Sharon Harper, Pat Loucks, Maureen Afonso, Sterling Campbell, Simone Griechen, Jan Askew Past President: Jim Best

2014 Board of Directors
President: Bruno Fornika (resigned the position)
Vice President: Helen Whittaker (took over as President)
Treasurer: Maureen Nelson (resigned the position) Doug Vater took over
Secretary: Bev Birce
Directors: Camelia Bayers, Bernie Charpentier, Karen Driscoll, Debbie Dickie, Helen Henley, Collette Slater, Past President: Brian Temple

2015 Board of Directors
President: Helen Whittaker
Vice President: Bev Birce
Treasurer: Doug Vater
Secretary: Jean Driscoll-Bell
Directors: Sterling Campbell, Wayne Bernard, Karen Driscoll, Thomasine Lick, Linda Hutchings, Jan Askew

2016 Board of Directors
President: Helen Whittaker
Vice President: Bev Birce
Secretary: Jean Driscoll-Bell
Treasurer: Doug Vater
Directors: Linda Tucker, Wayne Bernard, Sterling Campbell, Joan Clark

2017 Board of Directors
President: Doug Vater
Vice President: Bev Birce
Secretary: Jean Driscoll-Bell
Treasurer: Intrim Marcia McKay
Directors: Linda Tucker, Stirling Campbell, Camelia Bayers, John Peter, Marcia McKay

2018 Board of Directors
President: Doug Vater
Vice President: vacant
Secretary: Jean Driscoll-Bell
Treasurer: Marcia McKay
Directors: John Peter Jean Driscoll Bell, Ann Bailey, Linda Tucker, Linda Harris, Bob Bray

2019 Board of Directors
President: Linda Tucker
Vice President: Maureen Nelson
Secretary: Bev Birce
Treasurer: Marcia McKay (resigned 2019)
Directors: John Peter (resigned 2019) Bob Bray, Ann Bailey, Jean Driscoll-Bell
Past President: Doug Vater