Bid Euchre

The re-opening of Bid Euchre in the Card Room includes the criteria shown below.

Contact person for our Bid Euchre activity is Dorothy Boudreau.

Bid Euchre players have use of the Card Room from 12:30 until 2:30, every Friday.

Maximum number of people in Card Room at one time is 16.

Card players sign the Card Room sign-in book, in addition to signing in at the front entrance.

Each card table and its chairs to be sanitized by players at end of card session.

Players to sanitize hands on a regular basis during the card session.

Face covering is required throughout the the card session.

Dishes to be returned to the dish washing bins.

Mens, Womens and Handicapped washrooms in Dining Room available.

Enter the Center at the Front Entrance and exit at the Patio Door by the stairwell.