About Bev Birce

Been involved with the Seniors Centre Society since 2008. When we opened I was the Activities Coordinator for approx. 2 years. Then I was on the Board. I then took the secretary's position for another 2 1/2 years. I started the yoga classes 2010 with approx 6 students. I am now learning to be the webmaster of our website.

Exciting changes

We now have a Director of Communications, his name is Bob Bray.  He has implemented an email program so now we can send you the Newsletter by the internet instead of having to copy it and you pick it up.  Great paper saver!  His new Newsletter format will be on this website soon.  You will now get the Newsletter separately from the Calendar from the Menu.

There is another exciting program coming on April 25.  It is called “Stay on the Road” and it will be given by COSCO volunteers at the Willow Point hall….But, you have to register so when the email comes from Bob, please pay attention to the information if you want to come.  There will be a limit.  They will also spend a small portion of their time on “Navigating the Emergency Department”.  Hopefully we won’t need that too soon.

March is here! Almost spring.

March newsletter is posted.  Exciting news.  The centre has in conjunction with the City of CR received 10 tablets for learning purposes.  There are several 3 week courses offered at both locations but space is limited to 10.  Sign up at the desk to be included and mark your calendar.

Bake and craft sale will be March 24th, 10 – 3 pm

We are closed for Easter on Friday Mar 30 and Easter Monday.

Mothers day tea tickets are available at the office. Pick yours up now before they are all gone.

Exciting News!

You are now able to see what’s for lunch the weekend before by clicking on Weekly menu above.  Our great cook Dos will be sending the webmaster the menu and it will be posted as soon as possible so you can plan what days you want to come for lunch.  Tell your friends!!