About Bev Birce

Been involved with the Seniors Centre Society since 2008. When we opened I was the Activities Coordinator for approx. 2 years. Then I was on the Board. I then took the secretary's position for another 2 1/2 years. I started the yoga classes 2010 with approx 6 students. I am now learning to be the webmaster of our website.




As we move into spring there are changes at the Seniors Centre.  Alan Edie the owner of the mall has generously remoded a space where the Ardeens’ store was into a large movement area.  There is lots of room for yoga, line dancing and the City’s “Fit for Health” seated exercise program.  Check out our calendar to see if there are any changes to the schedule.  We also now have a second meeting room which will make some programs quieter. 


Well another year is here.  We have been very successful this year. There is another AGM and election coming up in February.  I urge anyone with particular skills to consider running for the Board of Directors.  Our next newsletter should have the details of how to put your name forward.

Have you checked out our library lately???  What a collection of books!  We have over 500 books of various types and they are all alphabetical by author.  We would like to thank Bobbie Driscoll for her hard work keeping our library tidy.  There are many rewarding volunteer jobs that YOU can do.  Our centre runs entirely on volunteers except for our cook Dos.  YOU can help us.  Please leave your name at the desk and see if there is anything you can help out with.

Attn: Former Yoga Students

In September we removed all the yoga matts and put them aside and when people came back to yoga we put the remainder in a box until those people returned.  There was no other way to separate the ones that weren’t being used.  We left those in a box until this month.  

If you don’t come to yoga any more and would like your matt back, please contact Bev (though the office) and let her know what colour your matt is and she will leave it at the main seniors centre for you.  If you do NOT, we will be selling them off to other yoga students in the new year.

Advanced Care Plan

Have you thought about what you would do if you weren’t able to express your wishes.  Here is your opportunity to plan how you are taken care of, who takes care of you and all those other things we don’t want to think about.  Special workshops are given at the Hospice House on Evergreen Road.  Starting on the following dates:

Saturday, November 17 – 24 from 10 am – 12 pm

Monday, November 19 – 26 from 1 pm – 3 pm

Thursday, November 22 – 29 from 10 am – 12 pm

Lots of dates to choose from, do yourself a favor and check it out, call 250-286-1121

Facility Rentals

Is your group looking for a new place to meet that is level entry and safe?  Our seniors centre rents space when we are not using it.  Check out the “”RENTAL” link on our website for more information.  Contact Bev Birce at the centre.